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Sed and grep

August 15, 2020 root 6

sed sed ‘s/’ ./* sed -n ‘1p;5p’/etc/passwd print 1 and 5line ‘1,5p’ print 1to5 line ‘1p;$p’ print 1st and last line sed -n ‘1,5p;25p;31,35p’ /etc/passwd […]


Kubernets command

August 15, 2020 root 0

kubectl commmand > kubectl Command ResourceType/kind Recourcename(kubectl commmand) Command get/describe/delete ResourceType/Kind pod/namespace/replicaset/replicacontroller/deployments/configmap Name mynameidpod/iamnamespace/iamreplicaset/iamconfigmap/ kubectl get pods (show running pods) kubectl get pods -w (watch […]