how to use find command

July 31, 2018 root 1

find /home -user kaustubh -group cityspidey -mtime 50 -cmin 60 -size 50M -type f -name “*.php” -perm 0755 -exec chmod 644 {} \; find >> […]

Create and Enable Swap

November 20, 2017 kaustubh 0

Swap space in Linux is used when the amount of physical memory (RAM) is full. If the system needs more memory resources and the RAM is full, inactive pages in memory are moved to the swap space. While swap space can help machines with a small amount of RAM, it should not be considered a replacement for more RAM.

icinga monitoring tool

October 17, 2017 root 0

We will go over the installation of Icinga, an open source monitoring system. Icinga is quite powerful and flexible and although you can see the first results in less than 30 minutes, this is just the beginning of your journey into system monitoring.

Secure your server with fail2ban

September 28, 2017 root 0

ail2ban, it is a security based application for your Unix based server. The fail2ban service is commonly used to protect your SSH and FTP from unauthorized connection.By default, a client connects to SSH using port 22. Because this is a well-known port, the default configuration is vulnerable to many brute force attacks.

Vim or VI editor in Linux

September 7, 2017 root 1

vi editor is the most popular text editor in Linux. We can say it has a simple black and white screen. if you type any command there is no code highlighting, where as vim is improved version of VI it also has features same like vi but it also has code highlighting.

SMTP authentication in zimbra

September 6, 2017 root 1

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. SMTP is used when email is delivered from an email client, such as Outlook Express, to an email server or when email is delivered from one email server to another. SMTP uses port 25.

Ansible installation setup

September 2, 2017 root 0

Ansible is an open source automation platform. Ansible can help you with configuration management, application deployment, task automation. It can also do IT orchestration, where you have to run tasks in sequence and create a chain of events which must happen on several different servers or devices.

How to Install lamp in Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS

August 30, 2017 root 0

Phpmyadmin is the best web-based graphical tool for managing MySQL databases. phpMyAdmin is an easy to use and provides most of the option’s to work and manage your MySQL server.

HAProxy As HTTP Load Balancing

August 29, 2017 root 0

HAProxy is free, open source software that provides a high availability load balancer and proxy server for TCP and HTTP-based applications that spreads requests across multiple servers.