How to create EC2 in AWS

Setup1: Login Aws console. And click to (Compute) EC2

Go to instance >Launch Instance>

Community AMIs>

Select Operating System(centos)>

t2.micro (Variable ECUs, 1 vCPUs, 2.5 GHz, Intel Xeon Family, 1 GiB memory, EBS only)

click (Next: Configure Instance Detail)

Click: Add Storage

Next : Configure Security Group

Create new security group(like Ip Tables in linux):

Rules with source of allow all IP addresses to access your instance. We recommend setting security group rules to allow access from known IP addresses only

click Review And launch>click Launch

create new key pair for access your system with ssh(keypair name testing)

select new key pair> and set key pair name testing>click to download key pair> lounch instance>

Select public ip and access your instance>

convert .pem file with help of puttygen to .ppk for access to putty >

open putty

Set Ip address> and .ppk file > click to open >

click Enter> login as: root > clieck Enter

login successfully

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