SMTP authentication in zimbra

To check auth setting run below command:
[zimbra@mail ~]# zmprov getServer | grep Auth
zimbraMtaAuthEnabled: TRUE
zimbraMtaTlsAuthOnly: TRUE
To check mail mode setting run below command:
[zimbra@mail ~]# zmprov getServer | grep Mode
zimbraMailMode : mixed
In order to use smtp authentication, zimbraMtaAuthEnabled must be set to TRUE. You can set that like this:
[zimbra@mail ~]# zmprov modifyServer zimbraMtaAuthEnabled TRUE
If zimbraMtaTlsAuthOnly is also TRUE, the POP3 and IMAP clients must be configured to use ssl/tls for smtp auth. Similarly, this can be set like this:
[zimbra@mail ~]# zmprov modifyServer zimbraMtaTlsAuthOnly TRUE
In a multi-node installation, make sure that zimbraMtaAuthHost and zimbraMtaAuthURL are set to a mailbox server. If not, the following command will set them appropriately (assuming there is a mailbox node named “”; be sure to use the zmhostname of a mailbox node in your installation).
[zimbra@mail ~]# zmprov modifyServer zimbraMtaAuthHost
Make sure the url in the zimbraMtaAuthURL will work with the zimbraMailMode. For example, if the MailMode is “https” or “mixed”, the AuthURL must begin with “https://” (so that auth will be attempted over ssl), but if the MailMode is “http” (the mail server is only listening on http), the AuthURL must begin with “http://”.
If the URL is wrong, re-set the hostname like this in order to regenerate the AuthURL:
[zimbra@mail ~]# zmprov modifyServer zimbraMtaAuthHost

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